5 Tips For Travelling in Morocco Pt 1 5 Tips For Travelling in Morocco Pt 1

If you have the opportunity to travel to Morocco, I would highly recommend it.  Morocco is an intricate mix of old meets new and a country where the culture is entrenched in religion and its religion intertwined in its culture. While everyone has their own advice on travel in general, these are five tips I would like to offer.


Tip 1: See the traditional Morocco

As I mentioned Morocco is a country where old meets new and the reality is if all you see are shopping malls and fast food outlets you may have well stayed at home. While malls and suburbs can be equated to what we see anywhere, behind the tall medina walls lives an intricate web of markets, traditional mosques and an age of a time past.

Find yourself a great guide who will take you around the country showing you the great treasures Morocco has to share; many of these being places off the traditional tourist path.

If you are fortunate you may get to experience the life of a nomad, or wait as a shepherd drives his goats across a road and down the mountain-side

Tip 2: Watch your step in the labyrinth of the markets

The markets are teeming with life; including produce! Vendors seem to pop out from everywhere trying to ply their trade and some can be quite persistent.  If you’re interested in buying, my best advice would be to never take the first offer. Vendors expect to haggle and barter, but don’t forget this is their livelihood so don’t be too greedy.

Look carefully for there is some quality merchandise to be purchased; wonderful leather goods and garments, to name but a couple.

The other side of the markets that may not be first apparent is the labyrinth of turns, twists and alley-ways exist.  Be careful, it is extremely easy to get lost!

The markets of Marrakesh are unique. During the day it is an open, empty square but the late afternoon sees it erupt into life with a huge range eateries, stalls and performers; including snake charmers and dancers.

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